Definitions of Crafts

Definitions of Crafts

Nineteenth edition (1970)

Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy

Craftsman (from the Latin: Artesanus, and this from the Latin: ars, artis, art).
Person who exercises an art or mechanical craft.
More recently we distinguish with this name he who makes his own household objects imprinting a personal touch, unlike the factory worker.

Ateneo Encyclopedic Dictionary

Crafts: Any form of production that uses manual procedures and rudimentary machines and devices.
It is characterized by a confection made with personality and a sense of popular art, and if it does not reach the category of artistic creation, requires for its execution skill, ability, good taste and has the impression of the craftsman style.
Each product is a unique example and is opposed to mass produced by industrial procedures.
Publisher: Ramón Sopena S. A. (1965)

Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of Spanish Language

Crafts: Work or artisan work, especially if it has artistic quality. Everything is done by man's ability.
Artisan: A person who has an art or mechanical skill.

Is clear that “artisanal” is not a mere manual work, it is usually done by hand but with “added value”.

It is acceptable to do some part by machine if the artisan can do something for which this machine has no qualifications or conditions, ie that succeeds thanks to his skill and ingenuity.

Also that quality can be considered as “art”.

According to the dictionaries the etymology of “Artisan, craft” comes from Art. While not classified as Fine Art, it must have something… some artistic flair.

Ingenuity, creativity, design, style, personality and everything that the artisan has to whether to put into the work.
Otherwise it would simply be manual labor.

Alfredo Kehiayan

If the quality of the work is meritorious, the pride is deserved; if not it is mere vanity.

José Ingenieros (1877-1925)
Argentine writer, philosopher and psychologist.