The elaboration of the case

Wood for the construction of the cases must be carefully chosen from the trunk wood with strong bark anatomy and healthy core wood.To make the case must be carefully chosen part of the trunk that has a good crust and fundamentally "healthy" in the core.
After cutting the pieces should be allowed to air cure before joining to allow balancing of the natural tensión of the wood in order to avoid deformity.

The contrast between the cleanliness of the knife and the case itself with the hardiness of the bark crust makes a very particular effect. Is the "touch" of nature gently guided by the craftsman's hand.

After several months of curing in varying temperaturs and humidity levels the surfaces diverge and require new balancing of tensión to provide for a congruous fit and avoid any future warpage or splitting.
It is then time to adjust the surfaces (also external) and repeat the process (every one or two months) to note that with the passage of time does not produce more disruption of its forms.

Piece of Quebracho Colorado, open and almost undermined with the contour of the knife that will contain.
Here begins the process of stabilizing the wood.

Expanded view of the undermined of the case.

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