I have received review, notation and mention on my craft activity in the following magazines:
Air & Sol, Magnum, Weekend, Shooting, Wildlife & Gunpowder & Fierros in Argentina.
Knives (annually since 1988), Blade, La Passion des Couteaux, Guns and Shooting.
The yearbook of knives (USA) "Knives" in 2000 published in its cover and back cover a knife of my authorship.
In "THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KNIVES" by A. E. Hartink (published in the Netherlands) are three of my knives (inexplicably with strange colors in their blades).

Cover of ADVENTURE & Co. 1990.
Published by Emilio Urruty, a good friend of mine, who urged me to my first "audacity" of writer and the same time, he dared to publish it.

In May 1985 I joined he Argentine Craft Cener, and was later Secretary and Fiscal, participating in numerous exhibitions organized by this institution.
Participated in the Organization and Control of the Ingeniero Maschwitz Craft Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in May 2001.

I was honored on September 12, 2002 at the National Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Thought, for the "Artistic Trajectory".

Diploma that certifies the homage of the Secretary of Culture of the Nation, awarded by the National Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Thought.

I start writing about knives in the journal ADVENTURE & Co. in the fall of 1990, then I went became a columnist in the magazine Air & Sol from Argentina from August 1990 until its closure. Since December 2002 I became a columnist of Fishing, Hunting and Adventure Supplement of the Buenos Aires Herald newspaper.
I submitted several notes in the journal Vida Salvaje.
I participated in the cable TV program "Campamento 4 x 4" in 2001 in the knives section.

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