Saddle leather Construction

There are many criteria and techniques in the design and manufacture of sheaths. There are also various synthetic materials very durable, rot-proof and functional, but in my opinion are not worthy of a artisanal knife.

The London soleplate piece, molded on the knife, then will be cut and handmade sewn.

     The material used for these accessories is "London" soleplate of 4 or 5 mm of thickness, molded always on the piece that should contain, and sewn by hand with an awl and two needles.

Stitching the sheath.

A variety of restraint systems are uncomfortable or difficult to use and the result is often a knife you prefer not to use. If it is uncomfortable because it requires two hands to unsheath or resheath you may not use the knife at all. We also know that almost always the layers will be cut for the same knife. A good molded sheath, lightly seasoned by the treatment and well lubricated, as seen on this website, holds the knife with safety, and convenience and enables single hand use.


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End of Sheaths

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