Price List

I am frequently asked for a Price list…
You will not find one here.
Because my knives are not produced in a factory or mass produced in an assembly line, I do not maintain a large inventory which can support static pricing.

Knives are not “manufactured” or “handmade”, they are “hand crafted” and that doesn’t always mean simply “handmade”.

Some people make two, three or four knives a day, by hand and they are therefor “handmade”. While to me, even the most simple model takes me two or three days of work.

Is evident that we talking apples and oranges.

It is for this reason is that I can not take orders for dealers who request me dozens of knives.
I do not provide to this inventory. I have no price list because each piece is unique and although the designs are often similar, options and variations arise in respect to materials, the dimensions, finishes, etc…
Few things in life are constant, certainly not the cost of tools, materials, supplies or even life.

I hope I have adequately explained why you will find no Price list. Do not let its absence scare you away. you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost and value of my work.

As a guide I can say that to date (2012) prices start from $ 350.

Alfredo Kehiayan.