twenty LIMITED EDITION pieces


Limited to twenty pieces is this edition of this utility knife with a very fine design and svelte blade, concave to the tip. Made in Krupp steel, highly resistant to corrosion, 59 RC of hardness and scales of Guayacan.
Blade of 1/8″ x 1″ x 47/8″ (3 x 25 x 125 mm). Perfect size for “churrasquear” (beef carving), and able to cut against the plate without losing cutting edge, and whose profile will be playing just the tip of it.


This collection of twenty identical and unique pieces was ordered by a group who, upon completion, insulted me with a ridiculoous Price offer, for that reason I declined the delivery.
Each piece is as ordered withthe engraved name of the intended recipient. This engraving cannot be removed without damaging the piece because the are acid etched in low relief. As a consequence the per unit Price did not approach the true value. They are now sold and gone forever.

No more knives of this design will be made by me. It remains anecdotal conjecture as to how often deceny, integrity and ethics clash with the possession of mere Money.